Turkish Pilot  Academy-TPA has a different instalments plan for each course, that allows every trainee to take a training phase that is perfectly fitting his financial abilities. We accept credit/debit cards, cash or bank drafts.

Yes. Students are responsible for obtaining health insurance.

The deposit serves as a proof of sufficient funds for the course, and to cover the expenses on courier services used to send you the documents for the visa application. You need to have sufficient funds to pay for your course. In many cases, we are contacted by the government officials and asked to confirm your admission to the school.

Yes, we do.
There might be particular requirements for you for obtaining the visa depending on the country you come from, or from which country you apply for the visa. It is your responsibility to check such requirements at the embassy where you will apply for your visa.
Make sure that you have a valid passport for the whole period of your training program.

EASA Medical Certificate

Class 1:  12 months until the age of 40 (depending on the type of flying being performed)

Class 2:

60 months until you are 40

24 months if you are between 40 and 50

12 months if you are over 50

EASA/ICAO Medical Certificate
For CPL, IR, MEP, FI/IRI, 0-ATPL you need Class 1 Medical certificate.
For PPL, NR, ATPL theory you need Class 2 Medical Certificate. If you hold a PPL with an instrument rating, you will need to undertake an audiometry test.

Turkis Pilot Academy-TPA is having a whole team of dedicated Flight Training Consultants, located on 2 continents (Turkey and Europe) that will guide you throughout all the application process. From your creating a tailor-made training program to arranging your arrival to the school.

Turkis Pilot Academy-TPA is the International Pilot Training Consulting Center that creates a multicultural learning environment. With students from all around the world. This intercultural competency will help students feel comfortable working in different countries throughout their career or sharing the cockpit of an airline with a pilot from another culture.

Turkish Pilot Academy-TPA is a well-known provider of ab-initio flight training both in Turkey and in Europe. The wide portfolio of courses, allows us to offer tailor-made solutions on top of tried and tested training paths to meet each trainee’s individual needs and help every pilot to reach their goals no matter if you have previous experience in Aviation field or not.